Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get up, Get Moving

5 Reasons to Work Out First Thing in the Morning

  1. To get it out of the way. Don't you hate when you have an especially trying day and by 5pm you feel completely drained? Those are the days when dragging yourself to the gym, studio, or treadmill are seems like torture and you are prone to skipping it altogether. But if you get your workout in first thing, you can check it off the list and get on with your day. You'll be so glad you did at around 4:45.
  2. For more energy during your workout. There's a reason so many people get that 2:30 slump and it's not because they hate their jobs (that doesn't help either). For those of us that are still working on sorting out our nutrition habits the things we eat as the day goes on actually slow us down, rather than fueling us up. Start you day with some fresh fruit or unpasteurized juice then get moving! Your body will a lot more energy from not having any heavy and/or poorly balanced meals to digest.
  3. For more energy after your workout. It might seem like any oxymoron, but an early morning workout will let you skip your morning coffee. Really! Getting your heart pumping and blood moving is better than any coffee buzz and the energizing factor it lasts much longer. Plus you'll get the benefit of a higher metabolism for several hours after.
  4. To conserve water. If you exercise before dressing for the day you only need to take one shower! :-)
  5. To set precedence. Starting the day with your commitment to fitness will set the tone for everything else you do that day. It orients your mind and body to remember that discipline and perseverance go a long way to get you toward your goals and being in the groove with them feels good! You will shine there the day with confidence knowing that you are capable of affecting change in your life.
 Now... if only we all had a beautiful, warm, private beach to run on every morning!  
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