Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Raw Food Revelation

There's something special about the above bowl of pasta (besides the fact that it was made my yours truly). Believe it or not this heaping bowl of deliciousness is 100% RAW! That's right. Moi, who was skeptical that I could even be vegan have slid down that slippery healthy nutrition slope to the world of raw food.

After my juice fast - which I now prefer to call a juice FEAST - I tip toed back into eating solid foods, as advised. This included staying on a completely raw diet plain fruits and simple veggie salads for 3 days after the feast. What I didn't anticipate (especially a few days in when I was dreaming of chicken nachos) was that I'd continue the raw food thing past the 3 days without even missing cooked food. In fact, when I finally did have a cooked meal I ended up feeling completely worn out within a couple hours. Wow! Raw food really does make a difference in your energy levels.

So I still have no plans to be 100% raw (not yet, anyway), but I'm definitely enjoying incorporating much more raw and living foods into my diet. I've learned a lot about the lifestyle (thanks, YouTube) and have tried a few recipes that have turned out pretty nice. Check them out below.

Raw Vegan Stuffed Peppers with Kale Chips.

Chia "pudding" (more on Chia seeds later!)

And of course, green juice!

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