Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning

The above picture is sort of embarrassing. It's a snap of the pile of dirt I swept up from around my house. From the looks of it you'd think I never clean! It's true I'm no June Cleaver when it comes to housekeeping, but I keep my place decent. So I was a little be disgusted when I decided to do some spring cleaning and found pockets and piles of dust lurking in places that tend to get neglected by the regular visits of my broom. On the other hand, it felt great to clear my space of the unwanted bits that clutter, irritate and make life just overall less pleasant.

This time of year - which is really the new year, if you ask me - is wonderful or doing this sort of cleaning. Move furniture, pull up area rugs, and attacked that overfull closet. The physical benefits are obvious, but the symbolic act of cleaning out your life is even more powerful. It's time to get rid of them that aren't serving you well and give yourself a new start. Check out the world horoscope for aries 2011 and you'll see that planetary energies really support change at the moment. And even if you thing astrology is just a bunch nonsense, a nice window wash or wardrobe edit never hurt anyone!

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